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stari kastel o nas1In the restaurant Stari Kaštel the enchanting modern Istria interweaves with its fascinating past. Stari Kaštel is a family-owned restaurant with a great selection of food and wines that are true culinary delights. In terms of architectural design the restaurant Stari Kaštel, which is located on the main square of Kaštel, represents a perfect blend of past and present. Its refined, bright and cosy interiors have a rusty touch of class. The restaurant has two large rooms and a smaller room for guests who want to enjoy excellent food and wine in absolute privacy. The restaurant is an ideal venue for business meetings, weddings and other special occasions. There are also a large open terrace and a garden, where you can take a walk and relax surrounded by local flora while admiring the view of the bay that separates Portorož and Umag. For guests who wish to extend their vacation in Istria the restaurant Stari Kaštel offers a romantic suite with hot tub. Apart from serving exquisite traditional cuisine, the restaurant organizes also cultural events such as theme nights, which are an exciting way of experiencing free time and exploring new culinary territories.


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The history

stari kastel o nas2Kaštel is located in Northwestern Istria, 141 meters above the Sečovlje Saltworks, next to the border between Slovenia and Croatia and in close proximity to the Adriatic Sea. The village, which is situated on the top of a hill above the broad valley of the Dragonja River and the Sečovlje Saltworks, was first settled in prehistory.

The excavations on the rocky hill slopes indicate that the site was surrounded by a fortification. The strategic position of the site allowed its rulers to control the valley of the Dragonja River as well as the road that connects the valley to Kaštel and continues on towards the Istrian hinterland. After the conquest by the Roman Empire the fortification became a roman castrum, which gave origin to its Latin name Castrum Veneris, probably due to a temple dedicated to the goddess Venus. Other sources claim that the name originated from Castrum Venae, which refers to the line of the hill on which Kaštel is located. There is also a medieval fortification which was the subject of a long-term conflict between the Patriarchate of Aquilea and the Republic of Venice.

Since on the inside of the walls there wasn't enough space for the households, the church was built outside the walls. The parish church of Kaštel, which is dedicated to Saint Sabbas, was built in 1869. In 1888, during the first excavations, numerous prehistoric discoveries were made that support the existence of a fortification. Today Kaštel is surrounded by ancient myths and legends and displays a mystical arrangement of houses that are built close together, sharing walls and arches. From the ancient and at the same time modern Kaštel you can reach popular tourist destinations such as Portorož, Piran, Buje and Umag in just a few minutes by car. In close proximity there are also the sea, golf courses and the Portorož Airport. Although it is an ancient village, Kaštel still retains its strategic position.


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